State and Local Chapter Network

Efficiency First members have launched over 20 chapters across the country since Fall 2009. Our chapters work at the state and local levels to grow the Home Performance industry and provide direct value for member companies. They represent the voice of the local Home Performance industry to policymakers, program officials and the community at-large. Chapters work in a variety of areas including:

  • Joint marketing initiatives
  • Lobbying state and national legislators
  • Building working relationships with public utility companies
  • Creating and managing public-private partnerships
  • Supporting local financing programs
  • Implementing Home Performance workforce development programs.
  • Outreach to potential local partners, including real estate community, product manufacturers and others

Efficiency First is actively seeking to launch chapters in all 50 states. View the list of current chapters to the right, and click to see more info about the chapter nearest you.

Don't see a chapter close by? Contact Coby Rudolph at to help get one started in your area.