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Webinar Tracks for 2014: Efficiency First has selected the following Webinar Tracks to guide our webinar series for the 2014 year:

1.Technical Products & Applications: Learn the tricks of the trade about home performance industry products and applications and ways contractors are using current technology in today’s market.

2. Am I Making Money: Webinars in this track will explore business planning basics, including home performance-specific business planning and management advice to help your company develop and grow.

3. Journey to Home Performance: There are many roads that lead to home performance—learn about the strategies, challenges, and lessons learned on the different journeys to home performance from contractors who have the success (and scars) to show for it.

4. Marketing and Sales Strategies: What referral programs really work? How do you track leads from different marketing channels? How can you convert more leads to retrofits? Join us for marketing and sales strategies webinars to explore these and other similar questions.

5. Policy & Advocacy: Stay up to date on current local, state, and national policy and advocacy progress, learn how changes might affect your business, and find out how to get involved.

Preview Our List of Past Webinars:

Click the links below to log into your Efficiency First account and view past webinars in our webinar library. ***Please note that some webinars are available to all to view for free.


HVAC to HP: Mining your leads for home performance opportunities --3/28/14
Make Your CRM Work for You --3/20/14
The Whole House: Adding new business lines to your home performance offerings --3/13/14
BPI Standards & Certifications: What's new and revised in 2014 --1/17/14
Introduction to Efficiency First: How membership can benefit your company --1/15/14


A Strategy for Success: How to Write a Practical Home Performance Marketing Plan-- 12/20/13

Shooting for the Five-Stars: How to Incorporate Third Party Reviews into Your Business Practices-- 12/10/13

Am I Making Money: A Home Performance Business Planning Working Session-- 11/12/13

Prepping for the Seasons: What Did You Learn Last Winter?-- 10/22/13

Planning for Success: How to Write an Effective Business Plan-- 10/8/13

Non-geek Speak: Putting Building Science Into Everyday Terms-- 8/21/13

Know Your Customers: Using Data to Pinpoint Your Next Sale-- 07/12/13

Following the Lead: Strategies for Managing Leads from Start to Finish--5/16/13

Special Sponsor Showcase Session: Not Everyone Needs to be an Energy Auditor: Exploring BPI’s Building Science Principles Certificate of Knowledge-- 5/14/13 **This webinar recording is free for all to view**

Keeping the Momentum: Exploring Post-Retrofit Marketing and Sales Strategies--4/18/13

Inside the Envelope: Building an Effective Home Performance Operations & Office Team--4/2/13

Delivering the Data Energy Audit Strategies to Engage Customers and Help Your Company-- 3/27/13

Home Performance from Scratch-- 2/19/13

Exhaust and Ventilation Strategies: An Overview of ASHRAE 62.2-- 2/12/13

FTC's Green Guides & How They Impact Energy Efficiency Claims-- 1/15/13

HVAC to Home Performance Part II: Integrating Air Sealing and Insulation-- 1/4/13


Mapping the Energy Efficiency Policy Landscape for 2013: Post-Election Policy Briefing-- 12/12/12

Back By Popular Demand: Am I Making Money: A Home Performance Business Planning Working Session-- 11/08/12

Innovations in Duct Sealing: New Techniques to Seal the House and Help Seal the Deal-- 10/30/12

When 2+2≠4: The Bad Math of Energy Efficiency Cost-Effectiveness Tests-- 10/23/12

Am I Making Money: A Home Performance Business Planning Working Session-- 09/27/12

Do the Math: A Look at Current and Future Innovations in Energy Efficiency Financing-- 09/06/12

Batts and Blow to Home Performance MOJO: Transitioning from Insulation to Home Performance-- 08/30/12

With or Without You: Home Performance Success in a Non-Incentive World-- 08/07/12

Let’s Get Together: Auditors/Raters and Contractors Partnering for Success-- 07/24/12

The Journey from HVAC to Home Performance: Strategies, Challenges, and Lessons Learned-- 07/17/12

New Home Energy Professional Certifications: Using Them to Demonstrate Skill and Grow Your Business-- 06/18/12

Close Quarters: Retrofitting America's Multifamily Dwellings 101-- 02/22/12

Weatherizaton to Home Performance -- Tools & Tips for Developing For-profit Services-- 02/17/12 **This webinar recording is free for all to view**

Check and Verify: Why Quality Assurance Programs Matter-- 02/07/12


Introducing 25E: The First Performance Based Tax Credit for Homes-- 12/06/11 **This webinar recording is free for all to view**

It's OK to Use a Cheat Sheet: An Appraiser's Perspective on Getting Fair Value for Energy Efficient Homes-- 11/30/11

Social Media Strategies for Your Home Performance Business-- 11/17/11

Getting to Fair Cost Effectiveness Testing -- 10/27/11

How to Hire a Home Performance Super Star: Best Practices for Building Your Home Performance Team--10/04/11

New York On Bill Recovery Financing--8/15/11

Home Performance Standards & Certifications: The Latest from BPI & RESNET-- 07/13/11

Sales & Lead Generation -- 06/16/11

Business Opportunities in Whole House Performance--06/07/11 **This webinar recording is free for all to view**.

Mastering Infrared Thermography: Tools & Techniques -- 06/01/11

FHA PowerSaver Loan Program: What Your Company Needs to Know -- 05/11/11

Drive Your Business: Local Media Strategies -- 04/28/11

The Future of your Business: Direction of the Home Performance Industry-Home Star, Tax Credits & your Local Communities-- 03/23/11 **This webinar recording is free for all to view**.


Save $$: Maximize the Value of your Efficiency First Membership -- 01/25/10

What is an MLS & what Makes one Green? -- 12/15/10

Long Live the Loan: Contractor Financing Options -- 11/02/10

Best Practices for Residential Energy Efficiency Programs -- 10/04/10

Grassroots Marketing Strategies -- 9/22/10

Home Star Update & Program Operation - 3/22/2010

Green Jobs in the Residential Energy Efficiency Industry: The Home Performance Industry Perspective on Training & Workforce Development

Accounting Basics for Contractors: Transforming Financial Statements into Management Tools

California Statewide Conference Call - 6/21/10

Financing Resources for Home Performance Contractors - 6/30/2010

Online Strategies for Home Performance Companies - 7/12/2010