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Efficiency First’s live webinar series is focused on all things home performance-- from the in’s and out’s of home performance business strategy, to certifications, standards, incentives, technical know-how, policy, and advocacy updates. Many of our webinars qualify for BPI CEUs. This series is free for members and $50 for non-members.

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Time to Tame the Building Science Education Wild West Show

Wednesday, November 29th 12:00PM-1:30PM EDT
Approved for 1.5 BPI CEUs

Currently there is no framework for establishing core competencies across broad building science skills for all workforce classifications involved in both residential and commercial buildings. As a result, building science is not effectively integrated in professional education. Some might call it a ‘Wild West Show.’ That’s where DOE’s Guidelines for Building Science Education (GBSE) come in. Based on input from several expert meetings, guidelines have been developed for more than thirty different workforce classifications. Each of these guidelines provides a specific competency profile across a consistent set of building science skills. Now we need industry to embrace these guidelines and use them as a consistent framework for preparing text books, curriculum, class notes, testing, licensing, and certification requirements. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the GBSE’s, how to initiate a collective impact process to embrace this new framework, how DOE plans to build an invaluable buildings community resource for building science education tied to these guidelines, and how they fit in the broader DOE Building Science Education initiative. After all, building science principles are only critical to determining whether buildings will work or fail.

Presented By:

U.S. Department of Energy's

  • Sam Rashkin

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Driving Demand for High Performance Homes with Data

Thursday, December 7th 12:00PM-1:30PM EDT
Approved for 1.5 BPI CEUs

Data is essential for driving demand for high performance homes. But today, the lack of its accessibility impedes its potential.

Home performance contractors are creating a wealth of information based on actual field experience, but until recently they’ve had few tools to facilitate the tracking and exchange of this data so it’s been underutilized.

What kinds of data? While energy consumption data as documented in utility records is a proof of performance, we also need to understand what measures were installed that resulted in the energy savings; what’s working and why in energy upgrade projects.

There’s good news in that networks and new tools are being developed to facilitate these connections. This webinar will introduce these with a focus on applications to three of many segments that can benefit from increased access to data:

1. Home performance contractors/experts

2. Real estate appraisers, agents and lenders in valuation and sales of high performing homes

3. Investors, policy designers and others who advocate for energy efficiency as a resource

With increased data flow and exchange we can more efficiently learn from our collective experience, be guided by success stories, increase profits and better resonate with homeowners to motivate their actions and drive demand.

Presented By:


  • Debra Little

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