25E: The Cut Energy Bills at Home Act

The Cut Energy Bills at Home Act has been introduced in the Senate with bipartisan support. If passed, the bill would create a new 25e tax credit -- the first residential performance-based tax credit given to homeowners who make energy efficiency improvements. The proposed bill would provide performance-based tax credits of up to $5,000 per project for homeowners who install qualified energy efficiency measures. To learn more about the bill, download our 25e Fact Sheet.

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We're excited about this bill. Not just because of the enhanced choice this offers the taxpayer, but also because it lays out a unique path for using tax credits that are linked to documented energy savings delivered in homes. This bill isn't just a one-off: it's one part of a sustained effort to pass strong policy that will support the home performance industry.

We need your support. Now that the proposed 25e tax credit legislation is out in the sunshine, the heavy lifting begins, and it will be up to all of us, working in unison and collaboratively, to move it forward.

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25E Webinar

Introducing 25e: The First Performance Based Tax Credit for Homes --December 6, 2011

Watch the recording of the Webinar by clicking on the play button below. You can download a copy of the presentation as a PDF by clicking here.