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The Home Depot Rebate Program

We are pleased to announce that we have worked with our partners, Home Performance Coalition, the Building Performance Institute (BPI), and Home Depot to provide you this rebate program with new benefits!

- If you sign up for the program by the end of December 2018, ALL of your purchases at Home Depot during the year apply to the program.
- 4% of your purchase amount comes back to HPC and BPI to help grow our industry. These funds will be used to support our efforts to support state and local chapters, establish and update standards and certifications, and conduct advocacy to pave the way for the growth of our industry.
- 1% of your purchases may be used by you to access services and benefits from HPC or BPI. Your choice. Just let either of the organizations know how you would like to apply your rebate. We will be in touch with you in the late 1st quarter of 2019 to let you know the amount of your rebate and new details on what benefits and services are eligible for purchase with your rebate.
- You also may access significant discounts at Home Depot by making your larger purchases at their Pro Desk. These discounts vary by product, but can amount to serious savings for you. Talk to the Pro Desk at your Home Depot for more details.
- Visit Home Depot Pro Xtra to enroll in the Pro Xtra plan. Once you are logged in, click the "Get Started" button and use the agreement code EF_USC when entering your account IDs.
For phone assistance: Call 866-333-3551.
We hope this program continues to create economic benefits for both contractors and the industry as a whole. We'd love to hear any feedback. Also, for additional current member benefits please contact HPC's Director of Marketing and Communications, Adrienne Buka, at abuka@homeperformance.org or 412-454-0085.

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