The HOME STAR Program

The Home Star Act of 2010, was a two-year federal program that would have provided direct consumer incentives for residential efficiency retrofits

How You Can Help to Make HOME STAR a Reality (in only 15 minutes!)

1. JOIN THE HOME STAR COALITION: Click here to fill out a simple Web form and register your support.

2. EMAIL YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Click here, then enter your zip code to select your senators. Modify a standard template by adding details about your business. Hit submit!

3. SEND LETTERS TO THE TWO SENATORS FROM YOUR STATE: Download this sample letter, insert your company's letterhead and information, customize the message, then email it back to or fax to (202) 223-9516 and we'll make sure it gets delivered.

4. CALL YOUR SENATORS: Start by downloading the HOME STAR Talking Points. Look up your Senators’ phone numbers on the Senate Web site. Take a moment to review the talking points to stay on message. When the attendant answers, tell them that you are a constituent and would like to discuss how the HOME STAR program is going to help you create jobs in their district. This will likely only take a few minutes per call (but if they want to discuss, talk about your business and happy clients in their home districts!).

5. SPREAD THE WORD: We need to show a ground swell of support. Call your friends, family, and co-workers. Forward this email, or send people a link to and ask them to voice their support.

6. SEND A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Urge the Senate to pass Home Star by sending a letter-to-the-editor supporting the bill. Click here to download sample letters you can adapt for your company. Once you've submitted your letters to local newspapers, email to let us know.

What is HOME STAR?

HOME STAR is proposed new legislation to create jobs in existing industries by providing strong short-term incentives for energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings. The program will move quickly, with a minimum of red tape, and will act as a bridge to long-term market development of existing industries. This initiative establishes a $6 billion rebate program to encourage immediate investment in energy-efficient appliances, building mechanical systems and insulation, and whole-home energy efficiency retrofits. HOME STAR will rapidly create jobs in both construction and manufacturing, while saving families money on their energy bills. It will build on current state programs and existing industry capacity for performing both retrofits and quality assurance, using federal standards and incentives as a common platform to lower program costs and increase consumer awareness.

Economic Benefits of HOME STAR

Strong consumer incentives to drive market demand, combined with meaningful standards and incentives to ensure model business practices for installing efficiency measures and verifying energy savings, will ensure that the growing energy efficiency retrofit industry produces ongoing and measurable energy savings while putting Americans back to work in long-term jobs. This provision should also include targeted insulation product consumer incentives to stimulate broad exposure to energy efficiency measures, expand overall retrofit activity while stimulating manufacturing.

Lower Home Energy Bills and a Healthier Planet

HOME STAR would help Americans pay for cost-effective home improvements with the potential to deliver permanent reductions in household energy bills and significantly scale back our national carbon footprint. Residential energy efficiency improvements covered by the HOME STAR program can reduce energy waste in most homes by 20 to 40 percent, and when combined with low-interest financing, can be cash flow positive as soon as the project is completed. A nationwide initiative to improve the efficiency of America’s 128 million homes would unlock significant reductions in building-related greenhouse gas emissions and generate long-term energy savings for American consumers.

Here's a video outlining what HOME STAR is about