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DescriptionAt Finish Werks Truth means Accountability to our clients: + Staying close to and maintaining constant contact with every client + Answering questions and (over) educating clients on their project + Admitting our ignorance where due; then finding honest answers and delivering solutions in a collaborative way Truth in Building also drives Performance of the projects we build: + New homes & additions MUST ADVANCE antiquated, conventional building techniques with genuine, lasting quality and delivery in 1/3-1/2 time. + Your home should protect your health and increase your comfort & well being for little or no net cost. Finally, Truth is being honest with Mother Nature, and building Sustainably: + It's June 2008 as I write this... if you haven't noticed the incredible "green movement" taking hold in America, then I unabashedly applaud your ability to browse our website while living under that rock! + Seriously, "building green" or "building sustainably" is without demerits. No matter how much of a paradigm shift you may encounter getting on board, 'building honestly' is never a bad thing. It's good for you; it's good for America; it's good for our planet. And we'll help you get there.
Job Types
Energy Retrofit
Air Sealing and Ventilation
Cooling - HVAC
Electrical and Lighting
Heating - HVAC
Plumbing and Water Use
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Address Savage Mill Box 2053
8600 Foundry St Ste C111
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