Elevate Energy

Smarter energy use for all


Elevate Energy was formed in 2000 by the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT). We got our start organizing neighborhood-specific responses to address brownouts affecting the Chicago area. From there we invented the concept of hourly electricity pricing programs for residential customers, piloted a program to prove it would work, and then helped pass a law to make it available to everyone in Illinois. From these early successes, we saw that pairing relevant technical solutions and education could improve energy efficiency in a major way, and create benefits for everyone. Next, we partnered with the affordable housing community to use energy efficiency retrofits in apartment buildings as a tool to preserve vital housing stock for working families.

Our Mission: Help people do more with less energy.

We design and implement efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most. This “triple bottom line” approach—and the holistic solutions that result—makes us unique.

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Address 322 S Green St
Chicago, IL 60607