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Our mission is to help you reduce energy consumption and save money while providing a comprehensive look at your home’s current energy usage. With current rising energy costs, we believe every consumer should have the opportunity to be well educated about their home and how to make it as energy efficient as possible. We pride ourselves on our premium customer service tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

EZ Green Home employs an expert team of Energy Auditors and support staff who take pride in serving customers throughout Maryland and look forward to answering any of your questions. We service homes in three of the largest utilities in Maryland (BGE, PEPCO, and SMECO) and have helped over 20,000 homeowners become more energy conscious and save money on their monthly utility bills.


BPI Accredited Company
BPI Certified Professional
ENERGY STAR Home Performance Contractor
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Energy Retrofit
Energy Audit
Air Sealing and Ventilation
Cooling - HVAC
Electrical and Lighting
Heating - HVAC
Plumbing and Water Use
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Address 9017 Mendenhall Court
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Columbia, MD 21045