What's New

Efficiency First (EF) has joined forces with the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) and Home Energy Magazine to become the Building Performance Association, a membership association dedicated to advancing the home and building performance industry through advocacy, education, networking, publications, and support. All current members of EF will be automatically granted membership until 12/31/19 with the new Association. Please contact us here, email us at info@building-performance.org or call 1-844-370-5748 for information on how to join and access your benefits.

What Happened to Efficiency First?

Efficiency First was founded to promote the common business interests of persons engaged in the home performance industry. Efficiency First saw itself as the national association for the home performance industry and defined its role as supporting home performance companies by providing an impactful voice in Washington, access to new educational and networking opportunities, and discounts on products and services. Part of EF’s mission also was to develop a network of state and local chapters across the country to advocate for policies that would accelerate the growth of the industry and deliver training and education to contractors.

Over the years, Efficiency First built up a substantial membership and a network of active state chapters stretching across the country. Based on input from its members and the chapters, it developed a robust policy program and a series of educational webinars. And discount programs for members were developed and implemented.

However the early growth of Efficiency First was based on the promise of significant policy incentives for home energy efficiency retrofit investments that would have supported intense growth in the industry. Unfortunately, this policy incentive was never actualized and Efficiency First's membership began to dwindle.

In 2016 the EF board realized that the organization had the right mission but could not be successful on its own. At a Strategic Planning Retreat in December of 2016, the board articulated a vision that would result in a collaboration with and potentially consolidation with allied organizations which together could provide all the functions that a successful trade association needs—advocacy at the state and national levels, membership development and support, state and local chapters, conferences and education and standards and certifications.

In March 2017 EF board and staff leaders met with leaders from BPI, Home Energy Magazine and the Home Performance Coalition and began the planning and consolidation process that resulted in the creation of the Building Performance Association.

What's Next?

The Building Performance Association is an industry-wide association whose mission is to advance the home performance industry. The Association now embodies all the services and programs that were formerly provided by Efficiency First, Home Energy Magazine and the Home Performance Coalition, and there is a legal arrangement with the Building Performance Institute related to certifications and standards.

As we transition to the Building Performance Association, we encourage you to follow us on our social media outlets (links below) to stay up to date on the latest happenings with the new Association. You can also visit the Building Performance Association website to learn more about the vision and mission of the new organization.

For questions, please contact Katie Aronoff, Director of Marketing and Communications at 412-424-0085 or karonoff@building-performance.org